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Recommended domestic production 50,000 yen or less Watch "Knot" "Seiko" "Citizen" "Orient"

2016.05.31 Broadcast TV It was "Knot" picked up at Tokyo series "Dawn of Nikkei Special Gaia". Mr. Endo who talked about passion for wrist watches to stick to Made in Japan to regain lost Japanese technology was very wonderful. Did you all see it? Therefore, this time we will introduce the domestic watch of "50,000 yen or less" sticking to Endo representatives!

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Watches to buy with bonus.5 selections Made in Japan 50,000 yen or less Mechanical watch


Definition of Made in Japan Watch

(It is an article written in 2016.06.01)
In the "dawn of Gaia" broadcast last night, Yosuke Eguchi explains "Definition that you can sing Japanese made with wristwatch."

① Movement made in Japan · · made in Japan
② Except for the movements made in a foreign country OK
③ Assemble in Japan

It is said that "Made in Japan / made in Japan" can be displayed if this condition is applied.

Mr. Endo, representative of Knot.
I made a big hit with making a wristwatch stuck to Japan Made.

Knot seems to mean "connecting".
It is a brand name that incorporates the philosophy and message that Japan and foreign countries, tradition and innovation, authentic and young people want to connect.

Originally brought Luminekku and Skagen in Japan and made it popular.
We decided to establish Knot as the dealer for Skagen's sales agency was lost.
* It is in the moment that it begins to occur at a moment as it seems that Skagen's principal was acquired and domestic sales rights were lost.

"Made in Japan" Deploy inexpensive watches (mainly quartz) of Made in Japan practically in full swing, is supported by young people.

Endo's dream is to make 'mechanical' with the same concept.
A considerable effort was necessary to make self-winding watches higher than quartz inexpensively in terms of cost.

What we say is the dawn of Gaia last night and "challenge the recurrence made by Nippon".

AT-38SVBK 【Scheduled shipping schedule from early July】
Maker's Watch Knot conceived from its founding and spent more than 16 months in development, from manufacturing to parts one by one As far as "made in Japan" high quality mechanical wristwatch "AT-38 "Automatic collection.

45,000 yen (+ tax)

CITIZEN MIYOTA "cal.9015" / 5 ATM
38 mm × 10 mm
50 g
AT-38 was born after 16 months of age.
It is a simple and beautiful wrist watch.

Movement made by Citizen Miyota 9015.
It is a movement that is also used abroad.
It is an impression that it is used instead of ETA 2892 A 2 since 2010 issue.

Assembling is Akita's selector.
The case also manufactures case of Fujishi Shiki (Fukushima) ····· Seiko GS etc.

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