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Articles to read before buying Grand Seiko (type and history of GS)

What is a popular watch? What is mo・te・ru? Is not Grand Seiko motivated? It's a lie, is not it? That is such a story. The top model of Japan's proud watch maker SEIKO Grand Seiko known as "GS". In its simple, state-of-the-art technology, finely grained fine finish, its history and spirit. Everything, whatever you take "Want to recommend" wrist watch ... but without mo・te・ru?

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Is Grand Seiko popular at the party? Types and history of GS


Is Grand Seiko popular at the party?

... Are they really so?
What is the most popular watch in the first place?
Is it a "popular watch" that a motive is wearing, or is it "a watch to make a mistake" when it gets worn when it gets worn by a woman?

Generally, the latter is true for "fashionable things".
Daniel Wellington now?
Just a while ago, Chanel's J12 and Frank Muller.
Panerai must have passed at the shop in the evening.

The iron plate will be the "crown" Rolex.
Rolex vs Seiko

Rolex vs Seiko

Grand Seiko is not as bad as watching this.

Not to mention specs, even looks and designs are not defeated to Omega, either in Rolex or Rolex.

But why?
The Lion of Seikosha, a sym...

The Lion of Seikosha, a sym... The Lion of Seikosha, a symbol of the commitment to quality and accuracy which is

Is it still "famous"?

No wonder the recognition will be "Seiko."
It is commonplace for Japanese people, and there are lots of things around us, such as clocks, clocks and cheap clocks.

It's the other way round.
There is too much. Familiar.
There is no "gratefulness". surely.

Not only women coming to Gokon(Party), most of girls are Rolex air king or Daytona
I listen to a sad story as I put it in the same "ROLEX".

Well, it is the same ROLEX, but the price is different if the model is different.
It is the same "ROLEX" that you can buy at 200,000 yen, you can not buy it unless you put out more than 1 million yen.
This, a general view.
However, 200,000 yen is the lowest line. It is a luxury item.

And, it becomes · · · The same thing is the case back case medallion where such a cool lion is drawn.
Seiko watches that can be purchased for tens of thousands of yen, Grand Seiko, which costs one million yen, is the same "Seiko".
The lowest line fell quickly.
Spirit SCVS003

Spirit SCVS003

Of course, the concept, the specification, the incorporation and the spirit are "completely different" two Seiko.

However, if you look at it from an unknown person ... If you look only at the watch you do not take in hand ... "The same Seiko" is what.

It does not look like there is a price difference of 10 times.

It is a shame. I do not see it the same ...

Breadth of price range.

Grand Seiko's lowest line is over quartz and over 200,000 yen.
Well, it will be sold cheaply, so the 100,000 yen level is the newest lowest price.

If Grand Seiko alone (Galante, Credor as well) "Mote" maybe, it is Seiko there.
It also makes it for the common people.

There is a mechanical wristwatch that you can buy below 10,000 yen (Seiko 5 for overseas).
There are models as well as 50 million yen.
I made a shock debut at this year's Baselworld
Credor · Tourbillon "GBCC999" inspired by "Thirty-six scenic plains" FUGAKU 50 million yen without tax! It is! It is!

I think that this breadth is good for "business", but "Mote element" will not be born.
Because ... Because it is "the same Seiko".
Matsuzaka Tori, show off yo...

Matsuzaka Tori, show off your otaku!

And there will be image problems as well.

Based on the 3-needle model ...
From the clock men's point of view, simplicity is on the front and it is a good impression.
There is no waste, beautifully finished case and the cleanliness of the line.
With no compromise with needle, index and dial, it tells us that it is the most beautiful thing like a zen silently like a zen.

However ... How does a woman appear in a partner?
"Strong task"
It may seem like a clock worn by such a "bored" guy.

It is not transmitted as it is a high watch in the first place.
"Silane" 5 reasons that acc...

"Silane" 5 reasons that acclaimed Matsuzaka Tori is cool

Actor Matsuzaka Tori's usual way is like a gentle man with few words.
Yes, just like Grand Seiko.

Image problem is, that is ...
Because it is reflected in women as a different thing just because fashion and character are different, if it is "want to be cooperative"
It may not be Grand Seiko.

To the contrary


① Do not become a popular person using a wrist watch

② Is not it a magic watch, is not he rich? Because it's a watch

Well, that's it.
I changed my watch. Is there something to say?
Is not it confirmed that there is no motivation when thinking such a thing?
However, if I talk about a certain level of length, I think it's okay to choose a simple watch of "20s = 200,000 yen" or "30s = up to 500,000 yen".

And there will be ladies watching the clock.
"Watch" is an easy-to-understand item at the seat of a gong.
"Brand> Model" will be given priority, so "200,000 Cartier> Grand 50000 yen Grand Seiko".
200,000 yen Cartier is not bad.
It is not because GS of 500,000 yen is better.
The women's brand status is only for Cartier.
Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Ed...

Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

The answer is "There is no popularity." It does not mean that.

What is popular is not your wristwatch but anata.
So you also have reasons why it is not popular.

It would be good if the wrist watches and the conversation bounces.
It's not boastful, not a prayer, I do not know what to talk about.

First ... ... If you become popular without wearing a wrist watch,
After that, Grand Seiko becomes "popular watch".

Because it is the same in Omega, Rolex ....
Please choose your watch according to your own atmosphere and fashion!

Let's investigate Grand Seiko for now


Product search / product list
Condition: There are 160 models that fall under the category.
Whether you can get the popularity of you or not, it will not be possible to hurry up the answer
Even if I say Grand Seiko in a word there are various kinds!
If you try to find out what models are there ... ... There are.

To know the enemy, first from me.
What will suit you (me) ...

There are 160 kinds of current products, so if you enter second-hand goods too you can not decide anymore.

However, there are Seiko, Japanese companies, itchy places reachable.
Search option is "Easy".

Well, the budget is up to about 500,000 yen, it's stainless. For everyday use, if you choose to have automatic men's winding
"Condition: stainless steel, 9S mechanical, ~ 490,000 yen, there were 16 models corresponding to the male model."

Oh, it was narrowed down to 1/10.

In addition, if you narrowed it to a slightly larger black letter board, it was only 3 pieces.

Yeah, this is easy to choose even indecisively.

Let's set it as a young businessman and a suit that also fits suit and casual style.
Somehow the direction of the white dial is "Mote so."

First as entering, it is very simple and a model that can be used without getting tired every day is good!
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